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A few quick notes on my current crop of characters.

Info on Nadia Santos ([ profile] nadiathesaint):

I will attempt to make this brief (laughs at self). Nadia came to Fandom a year and a half ago, FH time, as a girl fresh out of jail after being homeless on the streets of Buenos Aires for five years. She's come a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way since then. The daunting prospect of attempting to go into how much is, er, well, daunting. She's on the wiki, though.

She's also going to be away for at least the beginning of the summer, exploring the universe with the ninth Doctor. Suffice to say, for those interested, Nadia's a bit of a drama queen, who wants to be tougher than she really is, has a kind heart, can occassionally be about as subtle as blunt object, and has random spurts of total goofball-dom. She can be completely off the wall or heartrendingly emo. Sometimes in the same day.

Also, for future plot reference, she has prophetic dreams.

Wow, I was brief!

Info on Warren Cheswick ([ profile] stuckeyboy):

Warren comes to Fandom from Stuckeyville, a small town in Ohio, in a "normal" universe. This means that his experience with things like magic? Are all slight of hand tricks and stuff. He's old enough to think that he knows better than to believe in those things, and it's probably going to take either awhile or being turned into something small and furry before he'll stop trying to come up with plausible explanations for things.

Try to break him gently, please?

Since he's got no supernatural powers to explain, I'll give you a quick overview of his personality. It's quirky. That makes it fun! Warren is a Loser. Everyone at his old school knew it, and so does he. But he's damned determined to be cool. So he's coming to Fandom, a place where no one else knows him, and he's going to think he'll be able to recreate himself as whatever he wants ala Gatsby (even though our Warren is from the end of the first season of Ed, so that little speech from Principal Martino hasn't happened to him). He's . . . probably going to fail. See, Warren, despite all his bluster and attempts to look cool, can't lie to save his life and will almost always end up sounding like a fool.

He's also, let's see, what's the best way to put this? He's a hopeless romantic. He's got a definite thing for blondes and older women, and he will attempt in his adolescent-y way to woo said blondes and older women, with no success whatsoever. But he's also had some training in how to impress girls from Mr. Romance of Stuckeyville himself, Ed Stevens. Which means that when confronted with lack of success, he will start wearing goofy costumes, making use of puppets, using bizarre, clever symbolism, and risk life and limb to be adorable at them in hopes that they'll change their minds. I will make sure to always clear any goofy schemes with those targeted before they happen, though.

Warren's icons kind of suck. This is because Ed has yet to be released on DVD and those are screencaptures of third generation bootleg video tapes being used to make them. But hopefully I've still managed to capture the wonderful expressions Justin Long uses for Warren so they'll serve their purposes.

Info on Madeline Samuels and Sylvia Dunleavy ([ profile] getupanddoit):

Ever met a member of the older generation who just absolutely refused to "act their age"? One of those "cool" old people who's still perfectly healthy in mind if not in body, and still wanting to take the world by storm?

Then you've met someone like Madeline Samuels and Sylvia Dunleavy. But, please, call them Maddie and Syvvie. Everyone does.

Maddie and Syvvie are in their mid-sixties. They're "single again", they're semi-retired, and they've been friends for long enough that sometimes it's practically like they're one person in two bodies. They've come to realize that they don't know everything there is to know about the world, or even half of what there is to know about it, and they're out to fix that the best they can before they die.

Their motto, as learned from their personal heros Kathy and Mo (yeah, their canon is meta, I won't get into it) is "You can do anything you want to do as long as you're willing to get up and do it". And they stand by that motto, all the way. They refuse to judge someone just because that person is different from them ("Mad! Mad! Look, can you believe it? This guy's a turtle!" "Well so he is! Good for him!" "Good for you, honey!" "Green is very much your color!"), though they will lightly tease most of the people around them if they're not already busy teasing each other. If you let her, Maddie will talk your ear off, especially about her nephew Michael, the lawyer.

As for their class: Maddie and Syvvie have taken women's studies classes at a junior college. They don't quite understand a lot of what they've been exposed to, but they've welcomed it into their lives with open arms and are ready to share it. This means: Old ladies in the posts will be talking about really, really embarassing things that might not be 100% work safe. And they will do so with no embarassment whatsoever.

And that's my little overview while I'm sitting at work being bored. Any questions?

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