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stuckeyboy ([personal profile] stuckeyboy) wrote2007-06-15 12:21 pm

Room 512, some point on Friday

Warren had a voicemail. His first voicemail, ever! It was so exciting . . . good god, but he was a geek, wasn't he. He listened.

"Woah. She likes me. She really likes me! But . . . but what about the band?"

So he called Rikku back.

Then his phone was blinking at him again. Another voicemail! Maybe it was her! It wasn't.

"Dude, I rock! I've got girls I don't even know hitting on me! At least, I think she was hitting on me. . . ."

So he called the mysterious girl back, and tried to let her down easy.

But his phone was still blinking. This time, it was from Annette, that kinky little blonde. . . . And he figured it all out. So he called back to give her a piece of his mind.

Then he decided it was about damned time he called home and talked to his best friend. He didn't know it, but, well that didn't really work, either.

Of course, then came the call from . . . some guy talking about pool and cheesecake and Warren had had enough. He stormed out.

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